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It's election time in Pakistan: Go rich boy, go!, by Jahanzaib Haque
Darkly Entertaining, May 28, 2013
by Robert DeFord (Sequim, WA, USA)
I liked the humorous way the miserable daily life in Pakistan is portrayed alongside the totally privileged life of the rich with their guards, bribery, and rule by fear and intimidation. Humor used in this way adds to the horror this game portrays so casually that you come away with the feeling that people can grow accustomed to anything, even this way of life. I have no idea if this game's depiction of life in Pakistan is correct, but I ended up with a feeling that it is, and I am sorry that people have to live this way.

The Quest to Make the Ultimate Game, by Ninjack5
Quick, easy, and mildly entertaining, May 27, 2013
by Robert DeFord (Sequim, WA, USA)
Mildly entertaining, but it has too may typos or deliberate stylistic "oddities" in the text for my taste. It is very easy to play, and the game play moves right along, but the solutions can be easily brute forced with the back button.

9:05, by Adam Cadre

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The joke was on me!, May 12, 2012
by Robert DeFord (Sequim, WA, USA)
A most enjoyable little game that played a practical joke on me. What a kick! No conventional book could do that, only IF.

I am a wannabe IF author and I was looking for a top-rated game that I could play quickly and lean a little about what makes an IF game popular. This game did not disappoint. I loved it. You should play it.

1-3 of 3