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Arram's Tomb, by James Beck
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Edith's Cats, by Roboman
Political nightmarish whatever, July 14, 2019

In this game you take the role of a political prisoner on the day of his release in an unlikely dystopian future set four years from now. This game does earn the credit of being the first game that I have deducted points for grammatical errors and typos...I think ever. I understand there is a three hour time limit, but reading this game felt like the equivalent of rubbing broken shards of glass into my eyes. I managed to get to Edith's home somehow, "talk" wasn't implemented, it was pretty obvious the direction the game wanted you to go so I tried about a dozen subtle commands, couldn't figure it out and thought to myself "it couldn't possibly be" [open the game up in developer] sure enough it was that...then some violence happens and more rubbing glass into my eyes. It wasn't the worst thing I ever played."

Billy Mays

Sorry for the typos and the grammar. But I have no time to correct them. On Monday I will be taken to psychiatry, and... who knows? :-( "Talk" will be never implemented. :-)

They Will Not Return, by John Ayliff
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Grimnoir, by ProP
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Dungeon Detective, by Wonaglot, Caitlin Mulvihill
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Ürs, by Christopher Hayes, Daniel Talsky
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Dance in Blood, by Intudia
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Dreamland, by Tatiana Statsenko (as eejitlikeme)
Are your dreams inconnection with your deeds?, November 1, 2018
First it was a bit hard to me to find out what is the task in this game. It's a rather short, and maybe a bit surreal interactive experience. The game not as hard as it seems. It counts in the game that what you did before you go to bed. There is 1 really task in the game: to choose the correct book in the library. The correct book always depends on our choices before sleeing. Brilliant! The writer's last year's entry was better, but it's also done. One of the best games in this Year. I give it a 5.

Behind the Door, by eejitlikeme
My type of game, October 23, 2018
This was my favourite from last year's IFComp. I don't know Quest engine, but it was a fusion of parser and CYOA games as i can observe it. The story wasn't too overcomplicated, I liked it very much. It was a bit surreal, but it's okay. The Alice allusion wasn't bad, made a familiar atmosphere. The character of old man with the chess might have a deeper meaning. The twisty ending made me amazed, it worthed to play the game. When judging IFComp i gave You a 10, now i give you a 5. :-) My advice is not complicate things at the future either, just keep up the good work!

Into the Lair, by Kenna
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