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the virtual human, by Duncan Bowsman

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I think I abused it., August 14, 2011
by gruelove (UK)
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This was so much fun. It's basically a question and answer session that aspires to be poetic, and I must say I think it succeeds very well. I definately abused the poor thing though and turned it into a pornographic vignette. It actually handled my sordid little answers very well, much better than I was expecting. I think this is the first time I've been impressed by an Adrift game(if game is the word).

Still, I couldn't in all honesty give it full marks because even though it was novel and very interesting in its own way and made me laugh(which is always good in this world), I really wanted it to go somewhere. What I mean is, I would very much like to have seen this little game extended into an actual game, with the entire game that I played being fleshed out with a story and a full game-world. The poetic nature of it made a great impression on me too and just added to my enjoyment. I may even steal some of the ideas that have been demonstrated here if I ever get my own WIP off the ground.

Overall, very impressive. I really enjoyed it and am off to play it again.

Sycamora Tree, by David Dyte

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Am I missing something?, July 12, 2009
by gruelove (UK)
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OK. Having read the only member review for this game, and having a soft spot for humorous IF, I was looking forward to this one, but I think I must be missing something. I just keep getting a 'you are lost in the woods' message, or words to that effect. I did manage on one occasion to get a humorous little description about a dozen words long, but only after wandering seemingly at random around the woods for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a few minutes. I'm afraid if i'm being a little hasty in giving this one a bad review then i'm more than happy for somebody else to point out what i'm doing wrong and give me a gentle shove in the right direction. But until that happens continuously stating that 'you are lost in the woods' at every turn(literally!) just doesn't cut it for me. I had initially thought that I really was simply missing something obvious, so tried 'help' and 'hints' and even 'about' in a vain attempt to find out where I was going wrong, but no, no luck since they aren't implemented.

I hope somebody tells me what an idiot i'm being in missing the obvious and points me in the right direction, because the single, short description I did get showed signs of promise.

Anyway, i'll give it two stars for the moment, but am hoping to increase that if and when i'm able.

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