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Bronze, by Emily Short
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The Warbler's Nest, by Jason McIntosh
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Lonely Places, by Nick Marsh
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Violet, by Jeremy Freese
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Fear, by Chuan-Tze Teo
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De Baron, by Victor Gijsbers
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Inherit!, by Gunther Schmidl

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A gag-game (I think), February 15, 2010
by madducks (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Inherit! is a three-room game and, I think, a gag game for a minicomp (or more precisely: The First Ever (And Maybe The Only) Interactive Fiction Mini-Compeition)(TFE(AMTO)IFMC). Whew.

The premise seems in part that you are in a buggy game, similar to Undo by Neil deMause. There's nothing very interesting here. I had to read the source code for the solution. I'm not giving this one a star rating because I don't think this was meant as anything other than a joke and example. The only information I was able to find was from the minicomp entry on the wiki, which mentions:

"Authors were asked to submit both games plus their source code, so future IF authors could have example code to look at."

I'd pass on this unless you're specifically looking for inform 6 source code examples.

John's Fire Witch, by John Baker
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Discord, by Sean Barrett

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Incoherent , February 12, 2010
by madducks (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Related reviews: Speed-IF -1
Discord by Sean Barrett was an entry in Speed-IF -1 so the usual expectations of slight implementation very much apply. It also helps to know that the requirements for that Speed-IF were to "Write a game in which Hank Buzzcrack, Mother Theresa, and/or, T.S. Eliot are involved in a plot to steal any or all of thousands of litres of tea, the golden banana of discord, or a suspended mask."

I was ignorant of the above during my first play-through and felt like the premise was the setup for a joke that never delivers a punch line.

Barrett's take on the requirements was to have the PC interrogate the three characters after their peculiar heist. It was fairly easy to exhaust the conversation tree and thereby win, but I never connected all the dialogue into a coherent story. It may have helped to know something about "Hank Buzzcrack".

Over all it seemed like the ludicrous situation and combination of characters was meant to carry the humor and deliver a few chuckles, but for this reviewer that never happened.

All Alone, by Ian Finley
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