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Zork I, by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling

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Heaven in text form, April 24, 2017
by H. W. Wiliams (Sweden)
One of the finest IF games I've ever played. I remember sitting at my old computer for hours just mapping out this game. If you like massive adventures, then this one's for you.

Adventureland, by Scott Adams

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The one that got me started., April 14, 2017
by H. W. Wiliams (Sweden)
I can remember when I first sat behind my C64, I was young and hooked on this game. Though it hasn't aged that well I can still sit down and play this for hours at end. If you haven't played this piece of history I say you should. It's a nice look back to what the past was like.

The Mist, by anonymous

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I like this title., April 10, 2017
by H. W. Wiliams (Sweden)
Honestly, I liked it. Though a very minimalist style of game, though the random events that take place after you die, does get repetitive after awhile. I've read the short story, listened to the book on tape, and watched the movie. I'm a fan of this story. I love it in every form. I love the characters, the atmosphere that this title brings, it honestly gave me chills.

1-3 of 3