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Polls with votes for The Surprising Case of Brian Timmons

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IF of yours you'd most recommend - 35 votes for 34 games; created September 9, 2015
A poll by blue/green
If someone were going to play one IF you've written, which one would you recommend? This can be based on any criteria you choose:...

I'm looking for mysteries. - 32 votes for 17 games; created March 14, 2013
A poll by MCCLUTCH32
I like a game with a good story, good puzzles that aren't too difficult to understand and a good mystery. I was thinking more along the...

Looking for some easy to pick up psychological thriller games. - 4 votes for 4 games; created February 19, 2013
A poll by Xionix
Hello, Im new into IF and Im looking for some psychological thriller, mystery or something that will get you guessing till the end....

Games for Beginners - 237 votes for 61 games; created November 11, 2008
A poll by WriterBob
I'm looking for games that are suited for adults who are new to IF. My purpose is to share these games with friends and let them get...

1-4 of 4