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Polls with votes for Mortlake Manor

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Child friendly but not too child friendly - 12 votes for 5 games; created September 30, 2011
A poll by Zzoro26
I want something without "adult themes" and reasonless violence but kinda goofy and a tad violent

Games that include a maze you would describe as 'hey, actually fun' - 34 votes for 17 games; created July 16, 2009
A poll by Jeremy Freese
Everybody always dissing mazes in IF. What are the games that prove them wrong?

Games where you can't screw up - 58 votes for 26 games; created March 2, 2009
A poll by Pinstripe
Sometimes, when I'm playing a game, I spend more time juggling my save files than I do reading the text. I don't want to have to restart...

Games for Beginners - 237 votes for 61 games; created November 11, 2008
A poll by WriterBob
I'm looking for games that are suited for adults who are new to IF. My purpose is to share these games with friends and let them get...

Games suitable for children - 78 votes for 31 games; created October 11, 2008
A poll by Mike Sousa
My 10 year old twins recently "discovered" IF. They fell in love with Grunk and are asking for more games to play. I've searched BAF and...

1-5 of 5