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Recommended Lists mentioning Heroine's Mantle

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Best superhero games - 16 items   December 17, 2015
A list by MathBrush
These are games featuring superheros, with my thoughts on them. I haven't tried the Frenetic Five games yet.

Plot-heavy IF - 10 items   February 21, 2008
A list by Emily Short
Interactive fiction with a lot of plot -- many scenes and events moving the player forward, rather than just a collection of puzzles....

Distinctive Puzzle Style - 10 items   October 30, 2007
A list by Sam Kabo Ashwell
One of the most powerful techniques for rendering a game memorable is to build it around a unusual, interesting and consistent way of...

Commercial Shouldabeens - 23 items   October 24, 2007
A list by GameDesigner
Games that most likely should have been commercial rather than free.

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