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their angelical understanding

by Porpentine profile


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I try to cut down on fantasy, December 21, 2017
coherent enouh to be in a dream
a few personalization options
text states and timed text minigame
scene addresses easy to crawl

Stylesheet wants "Averia Serif Libre" or cursive font, whereas game doesn't warn you, and when you lack the first font it displays everything in Comic Sans instead. Use Google's or embed it.
random inkhorn terms
unneeded exaggerations
loose plot
themes irrelevant to person
I broke Twine!(Spoiler - click to show) [Wow, look at that URL.] Its style at least. I didn't enter so much text on 1w (drop) as to hang my whole computer(Spoiler - click to show) again.
generic personalized resolutions