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Interpreter and Story File
This links to a Magnetic Scrolls memorial page. As the site's author states himself, legality on MS games is iffy - however, since Myth was never *for sale*, being instead a free welcome gift for Official Secrets, it's unlikely that legal issues will arise. Still, anyone here in IFDB overly concerned is free to delete this link.

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by Paul Findley

Fantasy / Mythological

(based on 7 ratings)
1 member review

About the Story


The golden age of Ancient Greece. A time of men and gods. A place of Myths and legends. Where errant Heroes vie with preternatural forces while their gods stand aloof and disinterested. But history is always written by the victor and the tale herein related tells a different story. A chapter from the Unwritten Histories, Myth recounds the struggles of the Olympian deities as they battle to maintain their religious monopoly in the face of the gathering storm of Christianity. At once poignant, subtle and self-effacing, Myth takes a light-hearted look at the roots of popular mythology through the eyes of Poseidon, god of the sea as he travels The Underworld in search of the fable Dark Helmet of Hades.

Myth comes from the stables of Magnetic Scrolls, home of a string of award-winning adventures, such as Guild of Thieves, Corruption and Fish!.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: Unknown
Forgiveness Rating: Polite
TUID: vl5nd5lp8u4llkz

Editorial Reviews


"Myth is destined to be a classic, it's funny, cunning and addictive. Being free to members of Official Secrets, I suppose, theoretically, it has to be worth more than 100% for value! The only thing I'm wary about is the size; it's proclaimed as a 'mini-adventure', although I've been playing it for three days solid, and there's no sign of an end. Still, along with Fish this is the most enjoyable adventure I've played. I suggest all adventuring fans sign up with Official Secrets pretty quickly!"
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"Is it worth the wait? Yes, if only because of the famous Magnetic Scrolls humour, style and, of course, those magnificent pictures! Again, only a few of them, but they ARE good. The story is uncomplicated but it doesn't matter as it has been well fleshed-out to make it atmospheric.

Unfortunately, the game is marred by a few silly errors and bugs. [...] Due to a bit of poor error-trapping, it is possible to finish the game 30 points short by not completing one of the major puzzles in the game. I found this rather surprising coming from a company of Magnetic Scrolls' calibre."
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A great introduction to Magnetic Scrolls, January 1, 2009
by Peter Pears (Lisbon, Portugal)
"Myth" wasn't ever released as a game, per se. Instead, it was a free offering for members of the Official Secrets association, or so I understand - said association being an adventure game association. Or something.

So, it's a short and sweet one. It's not too hard, and while it may or may not be easy depending on the player's experience, it's certainly not obvious. It is, in fact, much better than you'd expect from a free sampler-ish game...

...but then, the developers aren't just anyone. Magnetic Scrolls has a name for quality. Magnetic Scrolls also has a name for a parser that, although amazingly robust and powerful, could be rather iffy with disambiguation. Well, both of these are ever-present in this game, and the latter is vastly overshadowed by the former.

The concept is very simple - you're Poseidon (though you could have been any God - or indeed, any man, since you're stripped of your godly powers), and Zeus has set on you a task to ensure you deserve your place in Olympus. You are to go down to Hades and steal his invisibility helmet.

The story is no Pulitzer, and what you see is what you get. The puzzles are no prize-winners either, but they are strong, they require creativity, and are well worth the time it might take to track this game down. It is a very pleasant way to idle some time way, on a quality piece.

In fact, the reason it's so pleasant to play may be more related to the writing than the puzzles (certainly more so than the setting). Magnetic Scrolls always had a flair for humour, and for a certain writing style which constantly amuses you.

However, it needs to be said that the game contains two rather gratuitous puzzles - a blackjack game, where you need to win a large amount of obols (and we're talking about real blackjack, randomized), and a variation on the fox-hen-corn- (or fox-cock-worm-, or whatever) across-the-river.

I loathed both these puzzles. The former was boring, the latter is simply not what I look for in IF - which is not a problem, as other people *do* look for such things. But it feels gratuitous, because the rest of the game is more classical IF (and quality stuff at that),to such a degree that in order to win the game you'll have to sucessfully visualize the virtual world you're in, and act in non-obvious ways to achieve obvious results (non-obvious, that is, when compared to more typical ways of solving them)... and in such a game, puzzles of the fox-hen-corn variety often just feel tacked-on.

Still, a quick stroll through the walkthrough got me past that one.

Overall, I reccomend the game, especially for players who want to see what Magnetic Scrolls was about - and why it became known for quality. And in effect, why it became known as the British Infocom - I mean, check out that amazing parser! Finicky or not, it's awesome!

If you enjoyed Myth...

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