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A Christmas Game

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Of mediocre quality, January 1, 2018
by Chase Entwistle (Blue Valley Southwest High School)
Overall, this text adventure is bad. It was written without regard to the choices of the player, committed some large sins in the world of Text adventure/IF writing, and was also inconsistent conventionally. While I did not finish the text adventure itself, I did sort of see where it was going (and the way it was written, it dragged out the whole thing longer than it needed to be) so I don't feel TOO bad about that.

Here are some things I noticed:

"box" vs "toolbox"
You are not allowed to parse suitable replacements for words

"enter shed" without suitable response
The shed ended up being treated as a container that you could not enter. While this is perfectly fine, one must provide a suitable reply when writing (Instead of simply "That's not something you can enter").

Inconsistent with periods after sentences, and
generic responses, even when extra information needed.

The whole thing was stretched out, and involved much more walking than puzzle solving or otherwise advancing the story.

I also noticed a sequel to this game, but I am very much inclined not to waste my time.