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Frobozz Magic Support

by Nate Cull


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An enjoyable Zork-based game with six mini-worlds, February 3, 2016
Frobozz Magic Support is a game that emulates Infocom's Spellbreaker, as well as Zork; you use a white cube to travel to six different locations, where you deal with a pot of gold over a rainbow, a dark room with grues, battery-powered lanterns, scrolls, etc.

It was an enjoyable game. The NPCs are a bit outdated, but the puzzles are fresh and fun.

Zork-based games are not as popular now, though they still come out (Scroll Thief came out in 2015), but as a fan of the Enchanter series, I enjoyed this game.

Contains a hard cryptogram.

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<blank>, January 22, 2016 - Reply
"NPCs are outdated"? I'm intrigued. Could you please elaborate? What made you feel that way? Is it that they reference real-world events and people as though we were in RAIF in 1996? Are they the original Zorkian characters, unchanged?
MathBrush, January 22, 2016 - Reply
In the sense of implementation. It is fashionable now, in a game this complex, to either make npcs talk more or to her them disappear quickly. An NPC like the tourist that just hangs around without saying much is unusual now. Even the Burning ran out of interesting stuff quickly.

It's not a bad style, but I prefer the more talkative, newer style. The Plant by Michael Roberts is similar to Frobozz; the boss following you around is cool until he starts repeating the same 2 or 3 messages for hundreds of turns in a row.
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