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A reference, December 2, 2013
by Simon Deimel (Germany)
SHADE is not a long game. It is not an extensive game in the sense of locations. It has a quite linear course. It is not very difficult, once you get the hang of it. SHADE is simply awesome, just because of the story that is tells.
After a long time, remembering the old text adventures that I played on my old Amstrad machine, I decided to look for something similar nowadays, and I started with SHADE. Now the game is surely much shorter than commercial games were 20 years ago, but the atmosphere was overwhelming. After a while it was easy to find out what to do next, and each action is rewarded with another disturbing reaction of the environment. I felt drawn into the story and could hardly stop until the end, which can be interpreted in various ways. The game takes place in a single location, but the many implementations create a true-to-life experience, even as things start to change.
All in all SHADE is a reference how interactive fiction has to be composed. It is a delightful treat for both beginners and veterans of text-based games.

- Kuffen Bach (Brno), November 25, 2013

- nf, November 23, 2013

- IxPrefect, November 8, 2013

- bigotitos, November 8, 2013

- John Simon (London), October 31, 2013

- jcbahr, September 28, 2013

International Business Times

The solid, algorithmic world of standard text-based games is turned into something more wobbly; after enough weirdness it starts to feel like anything could happen in Shade and that drums up the scare factor.

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I cannot, without revealing entirely too much about this game, explain to you just what it was that had me raving about this game for two days afterwards, including randomly piping up with a particular rant that would, again, spoil things. Let me just assure you that this is the case: for two days, I was so haunted by this game that it was constantly in my head, teasing me... waiting for me in the darkness. In the shadows.

In the Shade.

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>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

Quite simply, it blew me away. Not only that, it's one of those games that I wanted to restart right after I'd finished, just to try different things. When I did this, even more details came together in my head. Even now, little pieces are snapping together in my mind, and I'm getting flashes of realization about the meanings behind the meanings of so many of the game's elements. Few parts of the IF experience are as startling or as pleasurable.

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- Zeofar, August 29, 2013

- Indigo9182, August 13, 2013

- Artran (Prague, Czech Republic), August 13, 2013

- Enrique, July 31, 2013

- Guillaume Voisine (Montréal), July 29, 2013

- BladeL, July 21, 2013

- NewWorld, July 21, 2013

- Xon, July 15, 2013

- morphy_richards, April 6, 2013

- Zepton (Canada), April 6, 2013

- Floating Info, April 3, 2013

- Tiberoo, March 26, 2013

- dk101 (London, UK), March 2, 2013

- Brown_Cow, March 1, 2013

- ptkw, February 28, 2013

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