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♥Magical Makeover♥

by S. Woodson profile


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- herguitar, October 29, 2016

- E.K., May 26, 2016

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Entertaining, if wordy, parody, May 24, 2016
by verityvirtue (London)
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Magical Makeover is a self-styled parody of over-the-top Flash games 'for girls', namely those whose interactivity consists wholly of choosing outfits. It starts with floridly named makeup products and a rhyming, snarky mirror but delves into a touch of body horror, and into riffs off fairy tales.

This game is generous, in various senses of the word. The writer revels in description, evoking sparkly, colourful images. While the passages got lengthy at times, this was made up for by the wit: the game lampshades tropes from fairy tales and adventure stories. ĎLampshadesí doesnít even begin to describe it - much of the game felt more like an exuberant riff.

The level of story branching was certainly generous as well. As the author says, there are seven possible endings, but I was impressed by how distinct and well-developed each of them were, with their own backstories.

- Sobol (Russia), May 23, 2016

- rollingredhills (Ireland), April 29, 2016

- heartless, April 15, 2016

- Brendan Patrick Hennessy (Toronto, Ontario), April 5, 2016

- Mia Blais-Cote (Quebec, Canada), February 11, 2016

- A.V. (Chicago, IL), November 12, 2015

- shinaka, October 8, 2015

- leanbh, September 20, 2015

- RoboDragonn, August 26, 2015

- Ismarus, August 8, 2015

- zylla, June 20, 2015

- fortune telling, June 8, 2015

- Andrew Schultz (Chicago), March 25, 2015

- hoopla, March 24, 2015

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Body-Horror Godmother, March 22, 2015
by Sam Kabo Ashwell (Seattle)
A familiar tack of Twine advocacy pieces: take some problematic social issue, particularly as expressed through games, and make it grotesque and unsettling. In this case, itís a satire/re-appropriation of beauty-oriented games targeted at young girls: beauty products are presented as uncanny magic, and have actually-transformational results with strange consequences. There is a judgy magic mirror.

Mechanically, itís a Sorting Hat kind of game: your choices of beauty product determine which of several branches you find yourself going down, most of which are pure-choiceless. Although the results are weird and are at least informed by Twineís strong taste for body-horror, they donít get so visceral as to make the piece unsuitable for its ostensive audience; and the story progresses away from its beauty-myth opening into fantasy adventure thatís only tangentially related. The on-the-nose theme and long linear sections could easily have rendered the piece tedious, but itís buoyed up by a pleasant Diana Wynne Jones-ish ordinariness-of-the-fantastic charm.

- Khalisar (Italy), March 15, 2015

- The Xenographer, November 17, 2014

- A. Johanna DeNiro (Minnesota), November 11, 2014

- ArchDelacy, November 7, 2014

- EllaClass, November 1, 2014

Very, very cute., October 31, 2014

I haven't actually played any of the games that inspired it but it's hard to miss the point. It's also absolutely adorable; I've reached three of the available ending types and found each one charming. The dialogue is great and the relationships are fun. Recommended.

- Danielle (The Wild West), October 31, 2014

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