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The Chronicler

by John Evans


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An unfinished game, November 27, 2010
by Kevin Jackson-Mead (Boston)
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Itís not a good sign that the help says: ďUnfortunately, due to time constraints itís only half finished, or perhaps three-quarters. I can only hope that youíll find some amusement from the manipulations of objects it affords, while apologizing for the shortness of the experience.Ē It has a standard sci-fi type of setting, but I never mind that, being a sci-fi fan. However, after not having much motivation, seeing various unimplemented things (scenery, verbs), and getting an error, I kind of lost interest. I really tried to force myself to play a little more, but I was unable. Given all the marks against it, I just couldnít care about the game and certainly didnít want to invest any energy in it. Maybe I didnít give the game a fair shake, but if it starts out admitting that itís unfinished, why should I put in the effort?