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Four Seconds

by Jason Reigstad

Horror/Science Fiction

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A compelling science fiction mystery with spotty implementation, August 24, 2016
This game is sort of like Babel without beta testing. You play a psychic detective walking through a destroyed lab, and you have to relive a man's memories to determine what happened.

The memories are really interesting, and the general story is very good. However, as others have noted, you eventually reach a place where the implementation is completely spotty and the walkthrough is your only help.

Recommended, with a walkthrough, for fans of intense science fiction.

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namekuseijin, September 29, 2016 - Reply
> sort of like Babel
> spotty implementation

why even care when there's just that classic right there to be played?

It's quite the same with a lot of "retro games" these days: why should I bother playing this derivative bad graphics piece of junk with rehashed ideas when I could just fireup an emulator with the original piece of junk?

you'd be right at home reviewing mobile games, MathBrush. they reproduce like rabbits and mutate like memes...

this is the thing that really strikes me as the truly depressing ugly face of the digital age: that we have Beethoven just one click away and yet really make an effort to archive and run all sorts of crap...
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