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23rd Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2017)

The annual competition for original IF with a maximum playing time of 2 hours.

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Series: Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

Official Web site: http://www.ifcomp.org/

Organizer(s): Jason McIntosh profile

Qualification opening date: October 1, 2017

Qualification closing date: November 15, 2017

Games and Awards

Entrant: 10pm, by litrouke
Entrant: 1958: Dancing With Fear, by Victor Ojuel
Entrant: 8 Shoes on the Shelves, by Marc Duane
Entrant: Absence of Law, by mathbrush
Entrant: The Adventure of Esmeralda and Ruby on the Magical Island, by Marco "Erik108" Anastasio
Entrant: Alice Aforethought, by Hanon Ondricek
Entrant: Antiquest, by Anton Lastochkin
Entrant: A Beauty Cold and Austere, by Mike Spivey
Entrant: Behind the Door, by eejitlikeme
Entrant: Black Marker, by Michael Kielstra
Entrant: Bookmoss, by Devon Guinn
Entrant: A Castle of Thread, by Marshal Tenner Winter
Entrant: The Castle of Vourtram, by Alexandre Torres
Entrant: Charlie The Robot, by Fernando Contreras
Entrant: A common enemy, by David de Torres Huerta
Entrant: The Cube in the Cavern, by Andrew Schultz
Entrant: Day of the Djinn, by paperyowl
Entrant: Deshaun Steven's Ship Log, by Marie L. Vibbert
Entrant: Domestic Elementalism, by fireisnormal
Entrant: The Dragon Will Tell You Your Future Now, by Newsreparter
Entrant: The Dream Self, by Florencia Minuzzi
Entrant: Eat Me, by Chandler Groover
Entrant: Escape from Terra, by Mike Gerwat
Entrant: Étude Circulár, by Adam Black
Entrant: Fake News, by Mike Sousa
Entrant: The Fifth Sunday, by Tom Broccoli
Entrant: Future Threads, by Xavid
Entrant: Goodbye Cruel Squirrel, by Extra Mayonnaise
Entrant: Grue., by Charles Mangin
Entrant: Guttersnipe: St. Hesper's Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous, by Bitter Karella
Entrant: Harbinger, by Kenna
Entrant: Harmonia, by Liza Daly
Entrant: Haunted P, by Chad Rocketman
Entrant: Hexteria Skaxis Qiameth, by Gabriel Floriano
Entrant: Inevitable, by Matthew Pfeiffer
Entrant: Insignificant Little Vermin, by Filip Hracek
Entrant: Into The Dark, by Byron Kiernan
Entrant: Just Get the Treasure v0.9.1, by Ray B.
Entrant: Land of the Mountain King, by Kenneth Pedersen
Entrant: The Living Puppet, by Liu Zian
Entrant: Measureless to Man, by Ivan R.
Entrant: Mikayla's Phone, by Mikayla Corolik
Entrant: Moon Base, by Andrew Brown
Entrant: The Murder in the Fog, by Xiao Ru
Entrant: My night, by Ivsaez
Entrant: NIGHTBOUND, by ProP
Entrant: Nyna Lives, by Sarah Rhiannon Nowack
Entrant: Off the Rails, by Katie Benson
Entrant: One way out, by Story by Steffen Görzig, Cover by Oliver Lindau
Entrant: The Owl Consults, by Thomas Mack, Nick Mathewson, and Cidney Hamilton
Entrant: a partial list of things for which i am grateful, by Devon Guinn
Entrant: Queer In Public: A Brief Essay, by Norbez
Entrant: Rage Quest: Disciple of Peace, by John Ayliff
Entrant: Rainbow Bridge, by John Demeter
Entrant: Redstone, by Fred
Entrant: The Richard Mines, by Evan Wright
Entrant: Run of the place, by WDx1F479K
Entrant: Salt, by Gareth Damian Martin
Entrant: The Silver Gauntlets, by Jean-Paul Peschard
Entrant: The skinny one., by Annie Z.
Entrant: Something, by Linus Lekander
Entrant: Swigian, by Rainbus North
Entrant: Temperamentum, by Matthew Sawchuk
Entrant: TextCraft: Alpha Island , by Fabrizio Polo
Entrant: Transient Skies, by dgtziea
Entrant: The Traveller, by Kaelan Doyle Myerscough
Entrant: Tuuli, by Daurmith and Ruber Eaglenest
Entrant: Ultimate Escape Room: IF City, by Mark Stahl
Entrant: Unit 322 (Disambiguation), by Jonny Muir
Entrant: The Unofficial Sea-Monkey(R) Simulation, by B.J. Best
Entrant: The Very Old Witch and the Turnip Girl, by Megan Stevens
Entrant: VR Gambler, by Robert DeFord
Entrant: A Walk In The Park, by Extra Mayonnaise
Entrant: The Wand, by Arthur DiBianca
Entrant: What Once Was, by Luke A. Jones
Entrant: Will Not Let Me Go, by Stephen Granade
Entrant: The Wizard Sniffer, by Buster Hudson
Entrant: Word of the Day, by Richard Otter

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