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Member since August 19, 2015
Last visited June 20, 2017
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I give star ratings based on how much I personally enjoyed playing the game in question, for the most part. This is a terribly unfair system and I apologize.

I review games when I feel like I have something to say about them, which doesn't necessarily correspond to any other traits of the game in question.

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Funny Games - 5 items   June 14, 2017
Okay, this is purely subjective, but since really successful comedy is so rare in IF I thought I'd collect what I consider to be the...

IF Arcade - 5 items   June 14, 2017
Graham Nelson once said that a text adventure is a "novel at war with a crossword puzzle". In some works, the novel wins, and in some the...

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One of the most enduring characters in interactive fiction is a guy named Stiffy. Stiffy Makane. A misogynistic, notoriously ill-coded...

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It might seem strange that a video game, which relies on consistent and effortful coding in order to deliver any kind of experience,...

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Got ID?, by Marc Valhara   June 16, 2017
"I can completely understand why this is a relatively "polarizing" game (to the extent that anyone plays it at all). The tone is singular..." - See the full review

Don't Pee Yourself!, by Hulk Handsome   June 10, 2017
"Slapstick comedy is very hard to accomplish in interactive fiction, but this one nails it. Long, long indeed has it been since a text..." - See the full review

Dinner Bell, by Jenni Polodna   June 9, 2017
"For a game made in 2012, Dinner Bell is surprisingly underimplemented (a lot of synonyms weren't recognized, and I was especially..." - See the full review

Fail-Safe, by Jon Ingold   June 6, 2017
"The formal conceit of Fail-Safe is very clever, and in my opinion underutilized (not , I mean, just the PC-narrator split)...." - See the full review

The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode, by Victor Gijsbers   May 18, 2017
"Don't be deceived by the cover art and goofy-sounding title. In practice, the conceit of this game is strikingly similar to Gijsbers's..." - See the full review

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