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I have been playing IF since downloading Frotz on an iPad in 2010. I love big games with a lot of puzzles and a lot to do, as well as purely narrative games. I've really enjoyed the Twine revolution, but I also love Infocom games and everything in between.

I didn't originally include stars in my reviews, but I've decided on a new system, giving one star for each of the following criteria:

-Polish (no or few implementation errors or typos or bugs, nice styling for web games)
-Interactivity (do I feel part of the story? For kinetic fiction, do I feel invested in the action?)
-Descriptive writing
-Emotional impact (any emotion, whether awe, pathos, fear, disgust, etc.)
-Would I play it again?

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Billy Mays, July 17, 2016 - Reply
Thank you for all of the great reviews! They have been incredibly helpful in discovering some amazing games that do not attract as much attention as they should.
MathBrush, July 17, 2016 - Reply
Thanks, I really appreciate it!
zeartless, February 6, 2016 - Reply
I like your rating system with different criteria. However, seeing just the star rating for a game, but not the criteria, I find the rating mysterious - did it score in this criteria or that? I wonder if you could list the criteria in the review. It's possible to give a review personal tags (there is a tag box below the edit box) - you could include the criteria for a game as tags.
calindreams, November 26, 2015 - Reply
I'll second this - great reviews and lists,particularly for unearthing some hidden and forgotten hems. Thanks
dutchmule, August 10, 2015 - Reply
Just wanted to say thanks for your reviews! They're great, informative and made me discover games I wanted to play. Keep up the good work! :)
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