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Something Moving Under The Bed

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Member since January 22, 2016
Last visited March 5, 2017
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Lover of good eerie taletelling, of the classic campfire story or spooky story variety

@ www.somethingmovingunderthebed.com

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Something Moving Under The Bed recommended IF - 6 items   January 4, 2017

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The Third Hour , by Aleta Overton   January 4, 2017
"Lots of presentation touches and a brief writing style. (While the presentation's a nice idea, all the extra bits overwhelm the story a..." - See the full review

Morning Rituals, by Lucas J.W. Johnson, Devin Vibert   January 4, 2017
"A short and simple tale, varying depending on your actions. Strong presentation helps the interesting concept to work a lot, and as your..." - See the full review

Psychomanteum, by Hanon Ondricek   January 2, 2017
"This author really knows how to use minimalism to create an atmosphere of the eerie & the liminal... A short piece with a novel concept,..." - See the full review

To The Wolves, by Els White   December 19, 2016
"The story actually branches a fair bit, though some branches are much harder to find, and there's a lot of scope in different things you..." - See the full review

The Dead: A Story, by John Leo   December 19, 2016
"A simple setup that turns out to be a surprisingly thoughtful and touching story, as long as you don't mind stories in mysterious..." - See the full review

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