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Malaika Shard

Member since January 16, 2017
Last visited April 16, 2017
Profile ID (TUID): 4k8c0a3avoz4cu6

I've always had this gravitation towards writing. Whether it was flash fiction, persuasive essays, or poetry. Growing up, I thought nothing of it. After all, children are never encouraged to freely write what's on their mind. Rather, the forced, uniform structure of our written words became an inescapable burden meant to "further our education".

As I neared the end of middle school, I realized the importance and impact of writing on our lives. It expresses who you are as a person, and gives you the ability to explain your thoughts and other complexities to others. From there, I honed in on my ability to put my feelings and experiences into words that accurately convey my point of view.

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Interactive Fiction by Malaika Shard

Departure, by Malaika Shard (2017)
(1 rating)
It's September 11th of 2001. You're boarding Flight 175 from Boston to LA. When faced with inevitable disaster, how will you use your last minutes?

Psyche, by Malaika Shard (2017)
(3 ratings)
Roses are blood red, Violets are dark blue, You know not who you are, But I sure do... As you travel through the maze of your subconscious, will you live to see the sun rise?

Russian Roulette, by Malaika Shard (2017)
(1 rating)
Ciara, an American double-agent, has infiltrated the neo-soviets. Tomorrow morning, she'll be in position to expose these cold terrorists, and end their campaign. Can she survive this Russian game...

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Reviews by Malaika Shard

Remanence, by Stephanie Chan   January 25, 2017
"This story was aesthetically pleasing from the start. The author used the words themselves to tell the story. The story was guided, but..." - See the full review

Another Color of Hope (Chapter 1), by Kristan J. Wheaton   January 25, 2017
"At first, I thought this story would be *very* interesting given its title and blurb. After the first couple choices, though, I just..." - See the full review

The Theft of the Anathema of Vorus, by Audrey Higgins   January 23, 2017
"This story was *amazing* overall. The amount of coding the author put into this piece showed great effort and determination. The plot..." - See the full review

The First Day, by Brett Chalupa   January 21, 2017
"Honestly, I felt this was a really good story. It was well written, and maintained my attention. I just feel the story could have been a..." - See the full review

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9:05, by Adam Cadre
Fair, by Hanon Ondricek
Hana Feels, by Gavin Inglis
A Stranger, Unregarded, by Watcher55
Chasm Simulator 9000, by hoverpope

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