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Jason Lautzenheiser

Navarre, Ohio

Member since August 7, 2013
Last visited July 9, 2018
Profile ID (TUID): 44fpokjlp89joyfy

Long time enthusiast starting back in early 1980s with my first exposure to Zork 1. Dabbled with authoring in the past, wanting to begin that in earnest again.

See lautzofif.wordpress.com

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Interactive Fiction by Jason Lautzenheiser

Jack, by Jason Lautzenheiser (2013)
(9 ratings)
You are Jack and you're running for your life. An EctoComp 2013 entry.

White Houses, by Jason Lautzenheiser (as Mr. Stamp) (2014)
(5 ratings)

Jenny called you late and asked to meet you out here in the middle of nowhere. You've never been this far in the forest before and you never knew this white house was out here. She said she had...

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Reviews by Jason Lautzenheiser

Ecdysis, by Peter Nepstad   August 24, 2014
"Under-implemented and not a lot going on, however the story is very creepy, one that sticks with you for a time. I love Lovecraft and..." - See the full review

The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep, by Ben Pennington   August 23, 2014
"This was a quick and simple take on the Biblical parable of The Lost Sheep. Fairly linear and puzzles are simple, though could perhaps be..." - See the full review

Deadsville, by William McDuff   August 9, 2014
"Just looking through some old games and stumbled upon this one. Quick intro that while short and never appeared to be finished, was..." - See the full review

Gardening for Beginners, by Juhana Leinonen   December 6, 2013
"I've played this through a few times over the last couple months. Not that there is a ton of reply value with multiple paths or..." - See the full review

The Larry Parable, by Sophie Ward   November 9, 2013
"This showed some promise. The writing wasn't bad, though there were some odd switches between second and third person that were a bit..." - See the full review

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Jason Lautzenheiser's Played Games List

A Tale of the Cave, by Snoother
Dad vs. Unicorn, by PaperBlurt
sugar lung, by malachy_o
Zombie Wizard of the Apocalypse, Episode 1, by Andrew Watt
Zombie Wizard of the Apocalypse, Episode 3, by Andrew Watt

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The Interactive Fiction Faction joined January 10, 2015