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Results for author:Michael C. Martin
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15 results found

Atrocitron, by Michael Martin (2016)

Deformuseum, by Sophie Fruehling, Ralf Herrmann, Florian Kalenda (aka Florian Edlbauer), Max Kalus, Christof Menear, Martin Oehm, Christoph Winkler, Christian Bluemke (2005)

Die Karawane der Siebten Dynastie, by Christoph Schuhr, Marko Heisig, Martin Lassahn, Stonehedge, and Peter Engelmann (1993)

EXTERMINATE!, by Michael Martin (2008)

Flight of the Hummingbird
by Michael Martin

Four Minutes to Midnight
by Michael White and Martin Rennie

Fĉtt Tiw, by Michael Martin (2007)

A Harvesting Moon
by Michael White and Martin Rennie

La Aventura Sin Nombre, by Juan Antonio Rodriguez Artamendi, Juan Manuel Martin Castillo (1991)

Mundo Subterraneo, by Juan Manuel Martin Castillo (1991)

Piratas, by Juan Manuel Martin Castillo (1992)

The Stars Are Right, by Michael C. Martin (2004)

Weishaupt Scholars
by Michael C. Martin

Weishaupt Scholars: Prologue, by Michael C. Martin (2005)

What Happens in Vagueness
by Sam Kabo Ashwell, Tom Blawgus, N.B. Horvath, Justin Larue, Jacqueline A. Lott, Michael Martin, Carl Muckenhoupt, Marius Müller, Mark Musante, and Brian Rapp