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Games with Toys - an IFDB Poll

by IFforL2
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I want to distinguish four IF game elements: Puzzles require the player to find a solution to a problem in the narrative. If she can't find a solution, she's stuck. Branching allows the player to steer the plot of the narrative. Role-play allows the player to control character traits/abilities of the narrative's player character.

Toys, the focus of this poll, allow the player to, well... 'toy,' or generally monkey around, with a particular element of the game without punishments or decisive effects. I submit Lost Pig by Admiral Jota and Metamorphoses by Emily Short as prime examples of games with toys. Both games include freely manipulable props. Lost Pig also includes a well-implemented and forgiving conversational NPC.

So what other toys have you enjoyed experimenting with? Please include the in-game name and in-game location of the toy in your comments.

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