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The Devil in the Details, by Jerry Ford
Decent, but has an unfortenate bug, April 19, 2017
Currently after you go to sleep the phone will vanish. I tried it two times, with both male and female characters, each time putting the phone in a different location before going to sleep, but in both cases the phone was not where I left it, or anywhere in the apartment for that matter. This was the version accessed by clicking the play online button, in case that matters. I checked for hints, and there were none, and it wouldn't let me leave without the phone. This was in the upgraded apartment.

Otherwise, seems decent from the small part of it I have managed to get through.

The Silence of the Night, by vrusciante
A bit unpolished, February 22, 2017
The writing style leaves a bit to be desired, its too terse and leaves much unexplained. The pictures do help with that considerably, but I still feel like the game badly needs more descriptions. In particular, attack descriptions are badly needed.

A Midsummer Night's Choice, by Kreg Segall

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Quite well-written and amusing, February 22, 2017
It was quite well-written and amusing, with a fair bit of replayability. I was laughing through a good section of it. It is one of my favorite text games thus far.

Nights in Boulder, by Zane Fulton

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Well-written, if rather linear, February 21, 2017
It was fairly well-written, and fairly interesting. That said, I tend to prefer less linear twine games.

Summonr, by Bryce Duzan
A bit too linear, but well-written, February 20, 2017
It was a bit too linear for my tastes, more of a short story than a game, but was fairly well-written. The game could be improved by being able to respond to some of the other ads, or otherwise make decisions that actually matter.

A Grim-ish Tale, by Jeremy Wilfinger

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Definitely comedic, but not an adventure, January 31, 2017
It is a quite short, fairly linear, and the story was just fairly random. The final page was rather amusing, though. I personally tend to go for longer and less linear twine games.

Best part of the story:
(Spoiler - click to show)

Noirbilis, by Geostatonary

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A bit short and linear, December 8, 2016
It was a bit on the short side, and ended quite abruptly, and seemed quite linear, making it more a short story than a game. That said, the writing was decent and amusing. Seems like the decent start to a game, but could use much more content and a couple different story branches.

Epitaph, by Max Kreminski

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Fun, though evil, September 20, 2016
It was overall a quite fun game, neat to see how the various civilizations evolve, and interesting strategies behind it. It took me about a half an hour to get a successful civilization, the eighteenth or so one did it. Often the civilizations will be wiped out by things beyond your control, whereas at other times you have to balance between a variety of risks.

1-8 of 8