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1-2-3..., by Chris Mudd

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A Short and Interesting Story, April 25, 2011
by anthonyc (Florida)
I found the game, 1 2 3, to be a short but interesting peice. I liked how it switched between two characters, the murderer himself and the lead officer on the case. It is a bit gruesome in the beginning, describing the crime that was done, with certain bits getting bitten off and describing a crazy man's crime.
The story is about a girl who had just gotten murdered, Riessa, a 21-year-old from the country, just moved into the city. She was killed and slightly mutilaited by some mad person. It switches to go into the officer whose on the case, talking to her colleagues Sergant Bob and Doctor Aaron, trying to put pieces of the puzzle together to solve the crime. It goes like this for most of the game, switching between the murderer and the officer on his trail.
The game can be a tad confusing, with some words or phrases not working when you think they will. This leads to bits where you really have to think what you're going to type in, with some synomyms not working, and the hints they give you being a bit misleading. I used the walkthrough for some parts of the game, mainly when you where the officer, those being the harder parts of the game.
In the end, I found this to be a very pleasing if not short game, with the story of Riessa's murder being just like any other crime story, just with the switching of narrators and of the gruesome murder.

Adventure, by William Crowther and Donald Woods

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Adventure Into Your Head, April 22, 2011
by anthonyc (Florida)
This is an overly-simple game. Modern gaming gave us the overly-complicated video game, the game that is endless, with much too many objectives, places, and dungeons to explore. You could make a life out of those types of games (think World of Warcraft) and lose yourself entirely in them. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, it's up to you, but this helps bring one back to the simplicity of gaming; a short and sweet, hour long at most, game where there are no objectives, no missions, things to do, but nothing is mandatory. In fact, the game gave me the atmosphere of wanting you to enjoy it, but not too actually get stuck up in it.

Adventure is a true to heart text-based adventure game. You do what you want, when you want, but your options are very limited and there is very little to do. One could easily get bored of the game after just a play, like I did, although I did enjoy seeing what it was like for the people to play games in the past. The game isn't descriptive, it gives you the simple facts: there is a empty bottle, tasty food, set of keys, and an oil lamp. There is no story, more or less just events. Who you are, you are yourself. Are you human are you a another being? It's all a game based entirely on your imagination, giving you the things you could think of: You are in a valley with a river flowing past you. What does that river look like really? Is it thin or is it a massive, Mississippi River? How big is the valley, huge or a ditch? It all is deprived from your thoughts that you make in your head.

So try the game if your imagination is large enough, or if you are doing a history report or just want to dwell in the past. Not recommended for people who are just getting into text-based adventures, unless you truly want to see where it all began.

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